Old Snippets

Miss Alice Silk cross-dressing

PVC black maid Outfit - I get an excited response from you when hearing of my new maid’s outfit that has just arrived in the post. This is just what is needed to compliment the black & pink trim tutu petticoat. I feel you tremble as I help you squeeze your broad hairy chest into the outfit. What a site to behold. There is a lot of work to be done to make you look a convincing slutty maid!! I choose a black ‘china girl’ wig to compliment the black PVC, with red mac lipstick. Wonderful makeup, it does not stain! I brush down the front of your crisp white apron, noting the bulge developing under all the frill! I inspect your lace stocking tops and run my finger tips down your suspender belt. A bit of deportment is in order. You hobble around, clearly it will take some time for slutty maid to master the art of walking in baby pink spiky court shoes! Better to have you bent over my spanking frame, at least your feet can have a rest then (note what an ‘understanding’ Mistress I am :) ). As all sluts need to be taught the ways of the world I, Miss Alice Silk, with a gloved cool, silky latex hand, proceeds to violate your man ‘pussy’. You squeal in pleasure, so I take off one pair of the 2 pairs of knickers I am wearing, the frilly ones…. and stuff them in your panting mouth. Later, you get the opportunity to honor my beautiful veiny black cock, deep throat style. I had heard how you were a ‘virgin’, but I would question that with the gusto I observed with every l-i-c-k & s-u-c-k. There are some things that you certainly don’t need Miss Alice Silk to teach you the art of……!!

Breast smothering - I command you to lie on your back on the massage table, “A well earned reward is on the cards of you”. I notice the pupils of your eyes dilate, then your body relax. All session long I sense you have waited for this moment. So much hardship has been endured, the probing of my gloved finger up your tight hole, the lashing of my rattan cane... just so as to prove your worthiness to be smoothed by a beautiful, full, creamy soft busom. I firmly cuff your wrists, above your head, using satin rope… then I smile softly that smile, that ‘I know what you want” sort of smile. Tenderly I reach forward and place my natural breasts just above your face, but don’t lower them… not yet.  So… I ask, ‘what has been the most rewarding moment up until now sissie?” I only hear a whisper in response and prompt you to speak up, “LOUDER”. “Your cool buttocks pressed into my hot buttocks when I was bent over the spanking bench Miss Alice Silk”.  The compliant nature I have induced in you is very pleasing for me, after having had to deal with a wayward sissie who entered my chamber rather full of himself, but now you are like putty in my hands. “I am in no position to make demands, but the softness of your breasts so close is so appealing”. I remind you that you are in my presence for my pleasure, not yours! I feel your warm breath, urgently releasing…. caressing my breasts. At last, at last, at long last... I engulf you in the soft folds of my breasts. I sense a point where you gasp for air and I release the tension, and then renew my position... smothering your face, your eyes, your nose, your mouth, the flesh on your face with female allure…

Anal Nurse - Anal Nurse: So you are in a hurry are you? I don’t do hurry, I take my time. That arse belongs to Me, wriggle it, stick it up higher, you need to present it. Mmm, I’m inspecting the goods.  Grip my gloved finger, harder, HARDER. Miss Alice Silk needs to feel your anal muscles, make sure everything is in working order. The butt lube smeared over that region will allow for easy insertion. I gauge what sized dildo to perform my next probing with. I select carefully, encase it in a condom then come over and stand in front of your face. Time to lick, to honour, treasure what is going to bring you much pleasure. You are gasping, do things with that black cock that I didn’t even know about! “First time is it?”, I ask casually. You glance up at me sheepishly. “I, Miss Alice Silk have my ways and means of finding out all your secrets, nothing escapes my notice”. I look forward to my thrusting, slowly, in and out, in and out…

teenie weenie penis - I laughed out loud. Naked you stand before me with what looks like a tiny, tiny, tiny little cock. How disappointed your girlfriend must be! I can’t believe my eyes, maybe they are deceiving me…. I get the tape measure and magnifying glass and examine this pathetic little thing in more detail…. then call Ella, my maid. Her eyes pop out viewing such a teenie weenie little willy….LOL. I dress you up in frilly panties and lace stockings and consider hiring you out to all the studs at the local rugby club!! None of them would know you are a man, it is just so small it disappears under the satin gusset, even when aroused. “What a waste of a man you are. I bet your girlfriend gets her satisfaction elsewhere with a REAL man…”LOL.

tongue & toilet - Miss Alice Silk requires a spotless environment at all times so the sissy is told to clean it to her exacting demands. Nipple clamps are applied to ‘encourage her’. When it gets to providing a sparkling toilet, her  hands are tied behind her back and she must use her…….. tongue, like a tropical lizard! As a test, Miss Alice Silk spits banana on the seat (as you can read, we are keeping to the tropical theme…LOL). Best to keep the sissy very busy. Idle hands, or in this case, idle tongues…….. lead to bad habits! Sordid habits that need to be ‘nipped in the bud’. What else is the tongue of sissy made for other than to clean up behind others. Every inch of the toilet is seen to. Miss Alice Silk sits on the edge of the bath during proceedings and makes sure that no corners are cut in this particular quest. As the tongue of sissy gets to grip with this ‘delightful’ task, giggles can be heard. What a pathetic creature sissy is. Only the dirtiest jobs are available for her to prove her worth and devotion to Miss Alice Silk. It is noticed that the sissy has enthusiasm, as she lifts the lid and runs her tongue around the rim in clockwise, then anti-clockwise movements. The sissy is VERY fortunate that there are opportunities for her to be trained her in this exacting task.

Venus 2000 - With a knowing smile on my face I comment, “It’s like being jolted away to another planet, is it not, my milking sissy slave?” The thrust of the cylinder, with your enclosed cock tightly held in place, has quite extraordinary rejuvenation powers... I can’t but be impressed with my handiwork as your once flaccid offering expands to a new unimaginable length. “This once timid cock is getting a work out like it never has experienced before, look how hard and stiff it is my milking sissy slave!!”. I love the slurping sound and have to grip the cylinder firmly as it seems to have a mind of its own. Playfully I tell you that it’s time for discipline…. orgasm control, not orgasm release. “No blast off without my permission”... I can tell from the look on your face, the tension in your body, the way you my milking sissy slave curl up your toes… that there is great difficulty in holding back. This amuses me. The thought of disobeying your strict sensual mistress… brings such trepidation that you somehow hold on, but just!!…….. I play with you and savour your predicament, with my Venus 2000 colluding…. I toy around with the various knobs – such as air being forced in so as to produce a long, more sensual stroke, then pushed out to induce a shorter, friskier sensation... Reducing speed, increasing speed….. until that wonderful moment when you hear me say, “you have my permission to experience release now”.  And out bursts an offering to make your mistress proud. Instantly the heightened tension seeps out of your body . You feel yourself drift off, rested and rejuvenated on my well padded massage bench.

Electro ‘Stroke’ Mode - A gentle build up of electric current to a not so gentle peak, like waves crashing against the shore, that is what my heart desire on your expectant sensitive mid-regions.
The slow build up during the stroke fosters a feeling of foreboding and anticipation, while the peak intensity is a brief passing crescendo. Just perfect for you, my ‘electro maid’.
To consider the following – a two fold attack. I begin normally, teasingly attaching the adjustable electro cock bands. Then there is the establishment of a modest degree of discomfort. This level can be sustained without further attention. Then, putting the Electro box to one side I change into a sensual, teasing Modus Operandi. Getting up close and personal, whispering, teasing, sensually exploring my humble, captive electro maid. All these sensual teases that I am expert at using.
And the result? A simultaneous bombardment of both painful and pleasurable sensations very quickly reducing you to a state of high confusion and disorientation. Now you are completely subjugated and like putty in my hands.  
The rhetorical question, ‘you will take a little more pain for me electro maid, or will you not?’…… as I continue my exploration…

boot shine boy - boot shine boy goes down to the tube after his session with me. As he is standing there, two ladies board. ‘ Click click click’, he realizes Miss Alice Silk's herbal viagra must have still been working because it’s at this point he regrets having left her chamber with no boxers on! Luckily he has a bag that he manages to cover up his very painful erection. There is also the very sensitive head rubbing against the material in his trousers to cope with.  Quite a bit to contend with, do you not think reader?
And on the subject of erections, sitting here typing away, I imagine shoeshine boy finds himself with that aching feeling. There is still the taste of leather from my knee-high boots. There are also some lovely marks on his cock and balls courtesy of my beautiful trampling all over this region. He is missing me already, missing working his tongue all over those gorgeous boots I were wearing. As it is, he spied the knee-high I wore last time he visited Me. Mmmmmmm, lovely. He is so happy to have found someone who not only accepts who he is, but encourages him!! So, boot shine boy may, on another occasion, maybe next time… be lucky enough to lie at my feet. Naturally I will be even more deliciously CRUEL to him, make him suffer even more than this evening….. because to suffer for me makes him so happy.
Mmm, he is bursting at the moment with the image of me in my knee-high boots.  They tease and tantalise him. I know he would love to clean those for me, to just crawl behind me hoping to snatch any opportunity to shower them with kisses and long loving licks. Every lick, every kiss is done for me with devotion and love.  To be caressed and gently kissed. The soles endlessly cleaned to my exacting standards (standards which he knows he has not yet reached) and those heels… he would beg me to leave my heel marks all over him.

Cling Film - ‘So many ways, so little time’ to assert my dominance with this prop. There you are, stuck against the upright bondage frame, the pressure of the clear film encasing your sissy flesh, binding you to the leather backing. And then I wander over... slowly… a big grin on my face, perch my stiletto heels on the attached leather step, hoist myself up against you… My breasts pressing firmly against your chest, bringing my eyes close, so close, but so far, and press my body up against yours. you feel my weight, my cool, calm breath brushes against your flushed face. Your cock twitches in anticipation, surrounded on either side by my strong thighs. Of course, my legs are slightly apart, unlike yours, touching each other. I bounce my pelvis above that willy of yours. I have it firmly under my control. “Oh dear, there is only one way you are going to get out of this ‘v-e-r-y c-o-m-p-r-o-m-i-s-i-n-g position you find yourself in and that is by PLEASING ME, do you understand”.

Cuban FF Nylons - “Kneel before me, on one of my red velvet cushions, treasure the sight of my nylons, like your life depends on it, because it just may!”. I come closer. My long slender legs and beautifully turned out ankles tower above you. For my amusement I command you to take your least dominant hand and stroke… Stroke that pressing need between your hairy, manly legs. I bet you want me to touch you, but instead I just watch, take note, like a cat with a mouse. I then require a lingering touch as you slowly trace the seam of my cuban fully fashioned nylon stockings with you wet pink tongue. I feel that tongue come higher and high up my one leg. Eventually you reach my old fashioned garter belt, “trace my suspenders with that hot tongue of yours, put your heart into it, or I will punish you”. And naturally you do what you are told, why would you do otherwise! I feel the pressure of your tongue through the fabric, I compliment you. The sessions of training are leaving their mark.

Figging - I am so surprised to read about your new interest I reread it!! No, I’m not mistaken. There is a curiosity about figging. Well, well well. The oriental grocer sells me a fresh piece of ginger root and I excitedly await your arrival. To keep it potent I peel back the skin, moulding it into a hooked shape, for your arrival. Later, when massaged into your anal passage, you gasp, then GASP again. It is very effective in keeping order. ‘GRIP’, I say firmly, ‘I don’t want it to pop out or you will be in BIG trouble’. I silently admire the length of time it stays placed there. And no safe word is uttered. Pain is endured to impress me I wonder?…… And then there is the sweet, sweet pleasure of Miss Alice Silk granting permission for ‘relief’, a reward for suffering for me. The juices will linger around your anal channel for days, I tell you. There will be a reminder of your time in my presence long after you leave. And you confirm that to me, via e-mail a couple of days later.

CBT - I stand before you Miss Alice Silk, staring at what has been presented to me. What a miserable site to behold. Not only are you not able to touch your toes when commanded to, but there is a boil on your bum!! Drastic action is required to instill some discipline into what I suspect is a slovenly approach to life. You confess to having had your hands down your pants when looking at my web site gallery photos! Did you get my permission, NO. So, punishment is the order of the day. There is no let up. I tie your nether regions tightly, TIGHTLY, with laces and then proceed to squeeze your balls to an inch of their pathetic lives. I scratch the hairy, fleshy underside and then slap them hard, with one hand and then building up to between both hands. No half measures here. Now and then I miss on purpose, just to see you squirm for nothing. You squeal out in pain as I crush your cock in my firm grip, but I don’t hear the safe word, so continue on my merry way. I pinch and probe with clothes pegs. You look startled, dazed. You beg, and beg….. for mercy, but I still hear no safe word, so decide to tighten the laces.  At this point I note your face has gone a strange colour…. Maybe you have forgotten the safe word. Oh dear, a big strong man like you falling to your knees. ‘GET UP, STAND UP STRAIGHT, SHOULDERS BACK, STOMACH IN’. There is a time and place for everything and your moment has come. My sharp nails torment your tender, exposed cock. Next I have you lie down, flat on the floor. You seem to sink into the position and then GO AND PLACE YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD!!! You quickly realise that that was not a wise move when I take my stiletto tip and toy with your tenderised ‘bits’. I then push the sole of my shoe against the underside of your balls.  I need to be entertained with a ‘lift off” after I count down from 50 to 0, and NOT before…… OR ELSE!!

Hitachi Vibrator - I will tie you sissy firmly to my upright bondage frame, then place a blindfold over your eyes before spying my Hitachi magic wand. And what magic it produces. Grabbing hold of your stiffness between my inner thighs, I place the vibrating soft malleable head underneath your balls. Your cock is surrounded, locked in, nowhere for it to go. Heavy, heavy, intense vibrations. I feel them radiate from your cock to my ‘power house’. With my free hand I remove the blindfold and press my 9 stone firmly against you. ‘Feel how strong I am, how vulnerable you are’. Looking deeply into your eyes I see your soul, your desires, your needs sissy… It is all there for me to explore. Your eyes drop down, breaking my gaze… I lift your chin up, remove and switch off the Hitachi, then use my free hands to caress, squeeze your nipples. I note your eyes cloud over sissy and can sense your consciousness drift off into sub space……..

Leg/Buttock Worship - ‘I have rather taken to you pantie sissy, as you are down on all fours, your nose literally touching the floor'. There is something so sensual at viewing the curve of your spine reaching up to your buttocks, spread up in the air. I stand in front of you, but then turn away, so my back faces you. ‘Worship my long, l-o-n-g legs’, ‘slowly, I said s-l-o-w-l-y, what is the rush!!?  I experience body worship right up to my fleshy, cool, creamy buttocks. ‘I want to feel the pressure of your tongue against my silkiness, so get on and honour my smooth flesh with passion!’, ‘One buttock, now the other, slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y trace your tongue now down the other leg’. I turn around and face you, your mouth an inch from my crotch.  Indulging the Superior Sex in their whims’. ‘A crumb here, a crumb there, only crumbs FOR YOU, PATHETIC pantie sissy’. I laugh and walk off.

Novice CP - I’m so close, but…… so far. Tied tightly, pinned down to my curved spanking bench. Not able to move, helpless and exposed. I am amused by the situation the submissive finds himself in. A novice who enquired about some light CP without marks and then found himself, within what seemed like a matter of seconds…… under my expert hand…… a spell. I spank his virginal bum with pants up, warming up the bony buttocks. I observe the pinkness, virginal quality of his molds when peeping under his pants. ‘Come on, it’s important for me to explore your limits’, I say teasingly, as I pull his pants down. He feels the palm of my cupped hand, expertly exploring, then out comes my paddle, my leather strap…… No marks, but a thud and sharp intake of breath. 6 of the best, then building up to 12 of the best. Rests in between. A rhythmic tempo develops as he learns to honor my craft by keeping count of the strokes…… I rest my cool buttocks between sets, against his hot cheeks….. and e – n – j – o – y.

OTK + Electrics - I rub the electro cream into my left hand, calmly. Then I smear it over your sissie buttocks sensually, before attaching a electro sticky pad to the top of the crease of your buttocks and the other to the top side of my hand. And then, after setting up the ‘creme de la creme’ of electro boxes, I get to work, you over my knee. And what a pleasure, surprising you with an extra zing, shall I say, to your awaiting buttocks!! Every squeal takes you back to counting 1 and you start again. I notice my name is not included in the thank you uttered after each bit of contact, so I demand you start again. Compliance is the ‘name of the game’, something you forget with your nerves. “Thank you Miss Alice Silk, 1”, “thank you Miss Alice Silk, 2”, “Thank you Miss Alice Silk, 3″.  At one point your voice is getting a little loud, so I utter menacingly in you ear to c-a-l-m down, or else! It amuses me as I feel your torso tremble above me. I note the smell of salty sweat emitted from your pores sissy. Fear, that is the sign of fear. I laugh and order you to stand up. There before me is a sign of arousal. “How dare you, how long have you had that for, did I give you permission’. There is a smirk on your face. I quickly wipe it off with a growing favourite of mine, the bamboo cane, coming now into contact with sissy tender regions.

Let me share with you now a recent session, which included my love of such things such as bondage and restraint, cbt, electrics, feminisation, hot wax, anal play, watersports and medical aspects (sounds)…….
Of course there were the physical aspects, but also a love of the psychological side. As is said, “the mind is the largest erogenous zone”.
For this visitor, let us call him ‘d’, to step into my chamber, to leave the world out there…….. to enter another dimension and be taken over by me, Miss Alice Silk, in mind as well as body, what a thrill that is. There was his desire to serve and belong, to ‘be taken so very deeply in so many ways’ as he said.
…….. And there he was before me, smeared in glossy lipstick, as he struggled to put on a pair of my lace top stockings. He needed to be instructed in the stretch & roll-up technique. Think about it reader, no visitor can claim to leave without some new training under his belt!! The fantasies he had of being before me, tightly restrained on my upright bondage frame, with a mummified torso in cling film, became a reality. My play-space is a place where another reality has an opportunity to come alive.
And most certainly, his genital regions were ‘alive ‘ and buzzing. I smeared Electro gel on his tender regions, over the shaft, head and balls. Then my expanding cock straps, wet down for an ultimate snug contact, where plugged into the creme-de la-creme of electro boxes. At points like this during his visit, his vulnerability and being totally under my control are so, SO apparent. I noted his eyes becoming soft and dreamy, as he drifted off into subspace.
I loved to stand very close, drawing myself into his personal space. I requested he hold my gaze as I explored various treatments on him, then whispering in his ears how much he belonged to me. All mine, to do as I so choose. I forced his mouth open and slowly dribbled my saliva into it. I use the word forced, but in reality he was all but willing. I hinted at what was to come next, how I was going to train him up to be my ‘oh, so willing’ submissive and how he needed to please me.
He watched me slip my knickers to one side and deposit my golden nectar into a Swedish cut crystal champagne glass. I then had him drink my warm liquid that had come from so deep within me. A treat is ever there were one! A reward for having endured the harsh throbbing pain of my electro cock bands. My real understanding of the wonderful world of BDSM and the opportunities and depths that can be achieved are exploited at every turn during the session.
As I reminded him, his expressed desire to submit, combined with cock-and-ball torture…… to hear that, what music to my ears.
At one point, I slipped a blindfold over his eyes and then, in his excitement and fear regarding the unexpected, he had to grapple with my pouring red hot wax over his cock.
Later I slowly inserting different sized stainless steel sounds into the shaft of his penis, taking total control of him – reinserting my authority! Now and then, there was a sniff of ‘medicine’ for relaxation purposes.
D-e-e-p-l-y i-n-h-a-l-i-n-g, then d-e-e-p-l-y e-x-h-a-l-i-n-g in between, ‘d’ looking deeply in my eyes….. as it took effect. My telling him how much he belong to me and seeing just how much he wanted to be with me. His desperation to receive my treatments was all to apparent.
I was fully aware that he had not be able to stop thinking about visiting. My being very close to him ‘for real’, rather than just glimpses of me from photographs. The longing to be before me, to look into my deep blue eyes as I inflict my various treatments on him…….. this longing being realised.
After commenting on what a wonderful pair of legs I, Miss Alice Silk have, he paid his respects when I ordered him to e-x-p-l-o-r-e! His wet tongue, slowly but surely, under my exacting instructions, traced the seams up the back of my Cuban fully fashioned nylons. And with all the work he had to do, to please me, I noticed afterwards his lipstick was smudged. So when reapplying mine, I then applied the same to his lips, caressing and teasing them with my red ‘tip’.
And naturally I went on and filled all of his senses (or as he described them ‘orifices’). His eyes with my visual presence, his ears with my soft hypnotic voice, his nostrils with my scented breasts so close, his mouth with my golden liquid, his tongue with my seamed nylons, his cock with my sounds, and his anus with my latex gloved finger and assorted anal toys. I was probing and getting deeper and deeper inside him.
I know that I, Miss Alice Silk, found him so excited and desperate to experience ‘release’ through receiving these treatments. He begged me to hurt him even more and more. He confessed readily that his interest in BDSM started many years ago with a girlfriend who used to dress him in her stockings, tie him to the bed and tease and torment him for hours on end. Since then, his need for this type of interaction and release had grown. That is was not only a physical need, as I said earlier, but a release need on a psychological level.
And with his trust in me so total, knowing I would not exploit him past his limits (though I certainly explored these limits!!), the power exchange within this BDSM exchange was so beautifully intense here. I could easily have had him begging me not to stop, but to go on forever.
The two hours passed so quickly, but it allowed me a greater scope to get deep within his mind.
And on preparing to leave I did let ‘d’ know that before his next evening return visit, he will be instructed to wear a pair of stockings under his trousers during that day. This will be a warm up, towards his feelings of submission towards me, later.

Various Kinks - So here you are, in front of me sissy, on your knees, worshipping my beautiful black thigh-high boots. I notice the amount of pleasure you receive as your lips and tongue explore the soft leather. I also explored new ground, didn’t I? When ordering you to eat the remnants of a biscuit I had chewed, whilst you were on on your knees, hands behind your back, submitting to me Miss Alice Silk. Being made to drink my warm salty urine was something you had not done before, that you had felt some anxiety around, but in the intensity of the moment, submitted. And your reward, the realization of how wonderfully degrading and erotic these experiences were. There was also surprise as to how much enjoyment can be gained by the experience of having me apply electrics to your tender cock and balls. Standing rope-tied against the rack, while I stood before you in my boots testing different voltages on you was exhilarating, for both of us! And there was the remembrance of that one particular standout moment when the pain became so sharp and intense that, when looking at your face, I noticed your just suddenly slipping into pure ecstasy. What a pleasure for me to have such a submissive sissy visit my chamber.

Water-Sports - Standing over, staring down, without blinking, a knowing look. I wonder if he realizes what’s coming, what he dreams of in those quiet moments deep in the night. Lifting my black shiny latex skirt and moving my panties to one side, a trickle of golden nectar makes contact with his cock and balls, ‘you have permission to touch yourself’. Stepping up, now above his face, his mouth. ‘Noting my female allure, longing for my soft folds, all tender and damp,‘open your mouth, don’t waste a drop of my precious champagne’. A thin thread, later emerges. My moisture, silky, slipping down to the expectant mouth of my humbled submissive. A thin shaft of late afternoon light enters the chamber, reminding me that out there Londoners are going about their everyday, mundane lives. And here I and him are, cocooned in time and space.