Hard Limits

sissy cross-dressing london uk

I am not naked in my sessions.

I don’t allow intimate boy worship (i.e. rimming & cunnilingus).

I offer no personal services (i.e. intercourse, blow-jobs).

Hard sports never considered.

Nothing illegal and nothing hazardous.(i.e. that may lead to injury).

No smoking.

These are HARD LIMITS.  I DO NOT, under any circumstances, break my personal boundaries.

P.S. Body worship is under my direction and discretion. It NEEDS TO BE EARNED. For activities such as Queening and breast smothering, I always wear double panties and/or a bra.

And finally... I do offer ‘happy endings’ (hand relief) to the deserving ;)

sissy cross-dresser london uk

**I, Miss Alice Silk, am never alone. I have a lady's maid in attendance.**