Miss Alice Silk london uk cross-dresser sissy


Adult themed role-plays (complex ones welcome) - sissy transformations - cross-dressing adventures - body work, encompassing anal, prostate and all over body massage.

Long hair fetish...  I possess exceptionally long hair right down to the middle of my buttocks, for those of you that have a desire for this activity. So thick and glossy, to tie around your ‘bits’ and smother you with.

Role Play… Headmistress, Matron, Nurse, Secretary, Interrogator, Gym Instructor, Nanny, Auntie, Step-Mother, girl next door. My imagination knows no bounds.

Feminine Sissy and Cross-Dressing Transformations… To bring out the “other” REAL inner you! 
I will help you get to grips with all your hidden, latent Sissy tendencies and Cross-Dressing needs. Satin bows and curtsies, Silky outfits, in shades of pink and white, purple, French red and black, full makeup, wigs, stilettos etc.

Forced Feminisation... Forced to dress up in all things feminine, flouncy, frilly. To frolic around my front room parlour, mincing and practising the art of being feminine.

Condom Cleaning, ‘Dildo’ Worship… For the pathetic girly creature you are.

Humiliation Play... Having sissies squirming under my intense gaze as I put you through your ultra feminine paces. Incorporating the 'ultimate' in humiliation, Adult Baby Diaper play, click here!!

Small penis humiliation... This speaks for itself.

‘Sissy Maid’ Training… Designed to entertain and delight me Miss Alice Silk with your progress, and if there is a lack of it, I will shape you up!

Pantie Fetish/Pantie Sniffing... Needing to discover a ‘silky satin’ pantie drawer and your inner girly self?

Corset Fetish/Training… For a 'bracing' encounter.

Strap-On Play, Anal Play, Dildo Play… To bring our your hidden inner sissy ‘ways’.  To help master your seductive slutty tendencies.

Prostrate Massage (Fisting, Figging)… To activate the endless ‘G’ spots in your 'lady' hole.

Milking, Orgasm Control, Jerk Off 'guidence' and Ruined Orgasms… To help you last longer, it's the journey that counts, not the destination!! and train in self-control. Incorporating ‘edge’ play.

Nipple Torture and/or Nipple Play (N/T, N/P)… For some sissies and cross-dressers, the feminized body has an endless supply of pleasurable sensations.

Tease & Denial... Tie and Tease. I love Tie and tease, restraining you in bondage so you’re caught helplessly in my domain. Being close but so far, teasing, tormenting, taking you to the brink and inducing a begging release.

Fear play, Blackmail...

Corporal Punishment (CP)… Caning, Whipping, Flogging, Paddling, OTK Spanking (over the knee)…. Rounds of ‘6 of the best, English style discipline. Firm but fair. Well maybe not that fair, but life is not fair!

Playful Slapping and Scratching… Pay attention!

Queening, Face Sitting, Smothering… *Panties worn, bra worn*. Do you want to be engulfed by my buttocks and/or breasts, their roundness, coolness, silkiness, smoothness, all over gorgeousness?

miss alice silk sissy cross-dresser london uk

Buttocks Worship… To smother my buttock cheeks with soft butterfly Sissy kisses (at my discretion).

Body Worship, other… Feet, legs… My body is a temple, treasure it (at my discretion).

Water Sports/Golden Showers… Free standing or under a Water Throne. My treasured golden nectar, a running stream of ‘champagne, on genitals, sissy ‘parts’, as a face pack, to gargle with etc. 

‘Tie & Tease’… No escape, under the power of an authority figure, hopelessly vulnerable.

Cock & Ball Torture (CBT)… To warm up all those sensitive bits

Foot, Shoe & Boot Worship… Massaged as you knell before me in all your sissy cross-dressing glory.

Trampling… My dainty weight exploring, bare feet kneading, stiletto heal digging into your awaiting flesh.

Hair Removal, Shaving … To prepare for me and be silky smooth sissies and cross-dressers. Enhances to feel of the satin and lace.

Hot Wax & Ice Play… Sensation play, to engage in contrasts, to activate the sense of tactile touch.

Objectification... Created to be an object of passive delight.

PVC Fetish... Shimmering, glowing, the unique smells of these garments encased around my shapely form, and your's :).

Medical Play … Enemas, sounds, internal examinations,violet wand etc. Let me probe you deepest secret desires, naughty or strict nursing offered.

Electro Play… There is a fine line between ‘pain and pleasure’. 

Mummification, Cling Film… All wrapped up in sissy heaven, in my secret sanctuary, my front room parlour.

Sensory Depravation… Satin scarfs, blindfolds!!

Basic Rope Bondage… Using my sensual Japanese silk rope in all those sissy colours, such as PINK and RED.

Photography… Only if requested.

Unusual requests considered.

HARD LIMITS (though this should be blatantly obvious, let me reiterate):

*** I do not provide intimate body worship such as partaking in cunnilingus or giving fellatio (oral sex).  Queening is done with plastic/latex knickers on, not bare. I don't receive anal sex.  I certainly having no interest in submitting to the rigours of intercourse. I offer a 'happy ending' (hand-job), and that is only to the deserving ;) ***

I, Miss Alice Silk, have a lady's maid on the property. I am never alone.