7 types of sissy play...

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1) slutty sissy

Presenting the insatiable slutty sissy slut, a gobbling greedy whore, who never misses an opportunity to get some slutty slurpy action. Being dressed in the sissie attire, the more slutty the better, places her in the frame of mind she needs to be in to satisfy her slutty ways. She likes nothing better than to spend out messages to all and sundry that she is ready for action.  She loves dressing up, surfing the net for filth, consuming ‘medicine’ and test-driving all Miss Alice Silk’s new toys. Hog-roasting appeals, being violated each and every way. Firm boundaries need to be in place or you will ring circles around Miss Alice Silk, whatever you get is never enough! Orgasm control training is of great benefit to the slutty sissy as she needs to learn a few lessons in restraint! Most likely the slutty sissie is a heterosexual man out there in the ‘real world’ but in slutty sissie world anything, or nearly anything goes! Strap-on training, dildo worship, down kneeling, handing yourself over to a Dominant woman, this is what you need. And don’t forget, bi-sexual fantasies play a significant role here. Short skimpy pleated skirts with tank tops, lacy panties and thigh-high boots make the slutty sissie as sight to behold.

2) sissy maid

Presenting the sissy maid, drawn toward an assertive dynamic formidable women, like Miss Alice Silk.  She wants to be indispensible, a practical necessity as she gets a positive glow catering to her Dominatrix’s every need. She should take great satisfaction in serving her Dominant and be able to multi task around the front room parlour. practising her curtsy, putting the kettle on, hovering, dusting,  washing out Miss Alice Silk’s delicates, shining mirrors and table tops, cleaning the shower unit and bathroom sink, organizing clothing away in scented cupboards etc. She can pass around the tray of finger eats when guests come calling. Her favorite colour may be baby pink, in something shiny, such as my new PVC and white frill maid uniform. Rainy afternoons can be spent rubbing  tired tooties after she has been put through her paces with Miss Alice silks throbbing black latex cock. A special treat will be accompanying her Dominant to Pedestal Club

3) little sissy

Presenting the ABDL sissy baby. Passive and wanting lots of tender loving care by Miss Alice Silk. A soothing session full of tactile interaction and total attention. Nappy wetting, lots of changing, nap time in the cot, over the knee spanks, bottle fed in the high-chair,  lots of pink and white frilly items. Quiet times followed by naughty times, handing over blissfully, total control to Nanny Alice.

4) sordid sissy

Presenting the sordid sissy. Humiliation is the name of the game. The more embarrassing and horrifying her ordeal the more exciting and stimulating she finds it. Her whole aim in front of Miss Alice Silk is to be used and abused. She loves to be made fun off, mocked and sneered at. You can slag her off to your hearts content, denigrate her out and about. In this instance, uncomfortable predicaments are found pleasantly arousing for them. Shame turns them on.  Being instructed to turn up in matching feminine undergarments sets the scene. Winking at sordid sissy when down at the pub, whispering in a concerned manner if she is comfortable in all her layers of lace undergarments. Dressing up, or in this case down, in flimsy attire, interrogating her to reveal all her sordid fantasies, this is Miss Alice silk’s mission in life, or one of them! Imagine pink here, lots of it. Here, focus on endless girly frilly flouncy garments, leaving little to the imagination.

5) sweet sissy cross-dresser

Presenting the sweet sissy cross-dresser. From a young age, before she was even aware there was a name for it, she felt drawn toward her mother and/or sisters, cousin, female school friend’s attire. She prefers the company of girls and all things girly.  Sports are not her passion, nor bonding with the boys. There may even be times when she feels she is trapped in a man’s body.  The sweet cross-dresser wants to look feminine, and not go over the top. Maybe even be lucky enough to ‘pass’ as a female.  There is not a slutty whore trying to break free, that’s just not her thing.  And certainly not out in public.  Female clothing just feels like ‘home’, its relaxing and soothing. She feels submissive and does not necessarily focus on sexual gratification. She most likely is shy and a bit unassuming, perfect for a shopping trip when her confidence has been boosted. Pastel coloured matching lingerie, or even one of Miss Alice Silk’s kimonos, sipping green tea for a good complexion J, consuming dainty sandwiches… These gentler pursuits attract her. Mind you, even this sweet cross-dresser can be eased gently out of her safe zone for a bit of ‘action’, all part of her training in the art of being a woman.

6) secret sissy

Presenting the secret sissy, a man with a lot to offer out there in the ‘real’ world. He is a true sissy in hiding, in need of somewhere safe to explore his other self.  Normally a high achiever,  a sporty go-getter who has no problems attracting the female sex.  A secret sissy as no one would believe  his secret yearning that need to be worked through now and then.  The male persona, to be stong, a leader, does not leave much room to express emotions or show a more vulnerable side. Stress can build up. Balance is needed.  Macho roles can take their toll on the male psyche.  All men to some degree need to find this equilibrium. A space needs to be created for the secret sissy to relax and unwind, to hand over control to a dominant woman in cocooned privacy. The art of submitting and letting go (easier said than done) is the main focus here. Lying on your back, smothered by femininity, then down on bent knees for some strap-on activity.

7) show-off sissy

Presenting the show-off attention seeking whore and exhibitionist to boot. She craves being on everyone’s radar and absolutely fabulous in every which way. Clothes, make-up, false eyelashes, wigs, stuffed bra, wobbling around on very high-heals smelling like a goddess. All eyes must be one her! A lot of time and energy is put into getting the ‘right’ look. She dresses to impress, or let’s just say, knock the competition right out of the way. Interestingly she may first appear to be quite introverted and nondescript, but comes out of her shell as her transformation progresses. She loves the camera and wants Miss Alice Silk to snap away, quite a slut for endless porm-star pictures, posing and flouncing around the front room parlour, lost in her new alter-ego, vivacious, sparkly, effervescent. So unlike that dreary male she left behind.  It goes without saying that no matter what a show-off sissy is, in the parlour, out of it, her destiny is to be paying attention to Miss Alice Silk’s phallic symbol at the end of the session’s journey.

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