New Snippets

Tightly corseted bracing maid transformation and training. With fetching opaque stockings to hide hairy legs and frilly petticoats to brush up against tingly bits, not forgetting the 'virginal' ivory bra and pantie set. Curtsying all round and over the knee spanking for any cheeky back chat! Temperature readings taken in your 'girly' hole and orgasm control techniques used by me, Miss Alice Silk, to keep you in order. When I know what makes you tick I will use that to my feminine advantage ;) No touching without my permission sissy!! There are consequences for wayward actions undertaken without my consent, such as being tied up and tortured when on your back and squeeling like the sissy girl you are destined to be! No escape, no wriggling out of it, no excuses... If you engage in crime (fiddling with those 'bits' that BELONG to me), you do the time!! What else do you expect...? See the images here (part 1) and here  (part 2) for Corseted Slutty Sissy Maid.......Miss Alice Silk london uk cross-dresser sissy front room parlour


Naughty little sissy punished...

So if a little sissy was just a little naughty, she might have to go to Miss Alice Silk and write boring lines. "I must not be a naughty little sissy, I must not be a naughty little sissy". How dull!
But if a little sissy was very naughty, she might have to go over Miss Alice Silk’s knee for a spanking - and that would make her cry. And the next day, you might be able to see where Miss Alice Silk’s firm hand had spanked her little white wobbly sissy bottom.

And if a little sissy was very, very naughty, she might have to go over Miss Alice Silk’s knee for a spanking with the hard wooden unforgiving hairbrush - that would make her really cry. And the next day, she would still have sore red marks on her little white wobbly sissy bottom where the nasty hairbrush had spanked her.
And if a little sissy was very, very naughty, then Miss Alice Silk would put her over the big chair and pull her rediculously frilly knickers down to her knees. How humiliating! She would take out her key and unlock the wooden cupboard in her room get out her leather strap. Little sissies, especially ones with wobbly white bottoms start to cry as soon as they see these leather straps. One leather strap was thick and black, and had 3 tails. Miss Alice Silk would thrash the naughty little sissy until she was red and sore, and squealing for her to stop.  The strap would make a naughty little sissy cry until she had no more tears. “No, please, please, please, no”. And even at the end of the week, you could barely see her little white wobbly bottom because it would still be so sore and red, with weals and lines where the leather strap had hurt her.

Now give me a curtsy!



What happens when Angel breaks the rules and tries to make a 'same day' booking!

When Angel’s sensible knickers were removed, she whimpered and pleaded, but it made no difference. When her bottom was thrashed with the strap, and she begged, it made no difference. And when she panicked as her hands were tied tightly with silk rope, it made no difference. And when she begged Miss Alice Silk to stop as she had to lie on her back with her legs apart, and have all her hair removed with a razor, it made no difference. And when she squealed, SQUEALED as the huge suppositories were forced into her tiny bottom hole, it made no difference. And when she wept as very pink silky frilly panties were slipped on, and then pulled up, and the wig fastened, and the ball gag forced into her mouth, it made no difference. And when she gagged as nasty things was forced down her throat (I wonder what they were?!), and soap washed her mouth out, it made no difference, Miss Alice Silk just smiled!
And just when Angel didn`t think it was possible for a bottom to be any more sore, Miss Alice Silk would think of something else to make it more sore :)

This is what happens when you try to make a same day appointment!