Roleplay : Naughty Nephew

My naughty nephew, my favorite nephew, has been the focus of my undivided attention. And it seems my best friend has also taken and interest in him, and coaxed him under her wing!

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Gift List...

It is certainly not expected of me to receive gifts from visitors but from time to time I am given them...

For guidance purposes, so gifts don't go to waste -

Dry Red/White wine (to share with my maid Ella).

Roleplay : Erotic Nurse Mode with painted nails...

Miss Alice Silk in erotic nurse mode. Fiddling around with my stress balls... What else can I use them for...?? They feel lovely and natural, just like me. I believe in NATURAL ;).

Shiny black outfit, ready for fun and games with my naked slave. A rather unusual hospital treatment awaits by me nurse, with my painted bright red nails at the ready.

Activities : Massage

I am famous, or should that be infamous, for getting sissy visitors into that hypnotic suggestible state, starting with a slow and lingering massage, with all the frills. This will also include a few extra surprises, as who knows where our time together will take us...

Roleplay : Deedee's time in the heavenly realms...

Matron Alice getting up to her hypnotic tricks with her mask on and no nonsense starched uniform. Throbbing bits blissed-out and sent to the heavenly realms ;) Thorough examination, hour upon hour of my undivided attention, dressed up in short frilly pink ensembles to expose your pink panties. Remember your manners, what are the golden words, "Please" and "Thank you". I, Matron Alice, likes to feel appreciated, especially when I am bringing so much joy into your life Deedee.

Roleplay : Virginal nylon slave's training

I Miss Alice Silk, have very exacting demands for my sissy nylon slave. Nylon slave is wearing black sheer glossy tights, firmly pressed up against his tender throbbing bits.  I, on the other hand, am gracing the stocking variety, with my 'bit's 100% under control! Also wearing a black cocktail dress to set my silky black lingerie off. Keep in mind that all important technique, yes TECHNIQUE, is required, to amuse me, your Mistress . Clockwise, anticlockwise, a nibble... Lipstick marks are inevitable...

Activities : Massage

Maybe you need something to ease you into your session, something relaxing and helping to move you to that place of acceptance of your sissy ways, or to help immerse you in your slutty sissy high jinks. Swedish Holistic Massage, Lingam, Prostate, anal... This may just to the trick.

An activity : Stiletto boy.

Are you my shoe shine stiletto boy? A devotee of 6 to 8 inch shiny patent leather stilettos...? Is your tongue going to work it's way up and down the sharp heel of my stilettos as you are kneeling at my feet? Or maybe you will be underneath, trampled, below, down, treasuring my precious stilettos with your lips. I may dig them into your throbbing genitals. Worship them, NOW!