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Miss Alice Silk london uk cross-dresser sissy


Q.  How long have you been a dominant for Miss Alice Silk?

A.  11+ years professionally.

Q.  Can I call you from a landline or just use email as I don't have a mobile?

A.  No, buy one. At some point you will need to call me from your mobile if you want a session with me. Also, on the day of your appointment, a call is required from outside my premises when arriving.

Q.  Do other ladies session from your premises?  

A.  No, am the only dominant sessioning from my premises. It is against the law for more than one woman to be working from the same place, even if they work on different days. Though this law if unfair in my opinion, I don't break the law. Please note, a lady's maid is always on the property when sessioning so am never alone.

Q.  Can I see you today Miss Alice Silk?

A.  No, never do same day booking. No exceptions. The focus is on 'quality, not quantity'.

Q.  When are you available to session?

A. Weekdays 12 noon to 8pm.

Q.  What if I want to session out of these times, are you available?

A. Yes, I may be in a position to consider it but weekend, late evening a sessions over holidays incur an extra tribute.

Q.  How much notice do you require Miss Alice Silk?

A.  You will need to book (and with my having received the deposit) at least the day before your anticipated session. The more notice you give me, the more likely you are to get the day and time you require. I operate on a 'first come, first served' basis.

Q.  What length of time should I plan for my visit to you Miss Alice Silk?

A.  Ideally, between 2 to 4 hours but it all depends on your interests. Complex roleplays and/or having many various interests need more time to be covered in depth. Fewer interests can be covered in less time. I am not interested in rushed, stressful sessions.

Q.  Do I get the full time I tribute you for?

A.  I always have a pre-session chat before we begin, a time for me to get to know you a bit better and go over medical questions, a time for you to feel more comfortable in my domain. Then you get the full time you have tributed me for, with the offer of a hot power shower and something to drink before leaving.

Q.  Do I have to leave you a deposit Miss Alice Silk, and if so, why?

A.  99.9% of potential visitors who leave a deposit turn up and do not waste my time. I do not tolerate passive aggressive behaviour.  My peace of mind and sanity are worth more. The deposit itself is a store card voucher, done online. I only get your email address if you choose this method. Otherwise, the deposit can be put directly into my bank account.

Q.  Can I have my deposit back if I change my mind and don't go forward with my booked session?

A.  I advise potential visitors to reflect carefully BEFORE leaving the deposit. I do not return deposits unless down to me having to cancel. I do not tolerate individuals who chop & change their mind continually, trying to waste my time.

Q.  I can't make it to my session anymore, what should I do?

A.  Let me know asap, I appreciate that. If you have given me 24+ hours notice you can reschedule once if you want to (in a 6 month period) and not forfeit your deposit.

Q.  When do you require the balance of the tribute Miss Alice Silk?

A.  The balance is sorted out, on the day, when we meet face-to-face. First a pre-session chat, then the money is put into my envelope on my hallway table, unsealed. Count it to make sure it is the correct amount! Thank you.

Q.  Do you offer 100% confidentiality Miss Alice Silk.

A.  I offer a confidential service and expect the same in return. However, wanting to harm yourself (for example expressing suicidal thoughts) or threatening to harm others means legally and ethically having to inform the relevant authorities if I feel you are being serious. This has never happened in my career as a dominant but best to put it out there. Also, if I am abused physically, stalked, have belongings broken or stolen etc, I will contact the police.
Remember to also quietly enter and leave the building, absolute discretion is at all times required, as is guaranteed towards all visitors. DO NOT TRY TO HAVE CHATS AND/OR CALL ME ‘MISTRESS’ OR WHATEVER IN PUBLIC SPACES!! How would you feel if I turned up at your workspace using strange names. Please use your common sense! 

Q.  I am not submissive nor a slave, am I welcome at your parlour?

A.  Yes, not all cross-dressers are submissive, and that can also be said of the sissies and other more general BDSM enthusiasts. Bottom line, I am always in charge though, as this is my private domain you are entering. I expect to be treated with courtesy and am am also naturally a dominant woman, not just playing at being one. Don't take to kindly to anyone trying to push me around.

Q.  Where about is your premises located?

A.  London, West Kensington, District Line. Around the corner from the tube station.

Q.  Do you do overnight stays?

A.  Only if I have met you previously.

Q.  Do you have a number I can contact you on so as to discuss my visit with you?

A.  My contact number is given to people who have filled out my contact form, who I feel will benefit from visiting me.

Q.  I have a very intricate roleplay, will you accomodate it Miss Alice Silk?

A.  Yes. Normally there is a limit of 250 words for role-plays but if you have an involved scenario I will consider it. An extra tribute fee will be incurred in this instance as there is a lot more preparation needed.

Q.  I am looking for the perfect Mistress who will give me the experience of a lifetime, are you that lady?

A.  No-one is perfect, I do not want to be put on a pedestal. Have you noticed how those individuals topple down as some point? In role I can play at being 'Miss Perfect', but out of session time I am just myself.

Q.  Why have I not heard back from you Miss Alice Silk?

A.  I do not feel we are compatible. It is important not to take tribute from people 'just for the sake of it'. Would not feel comfortable with that.

Q.  I have weird fantasies Nanny Alice and I am worried, will they shock you?

A.  No, they will not shock me though I am not always able to facilitate all scenarios.

Q.  When do I call to confirm my visit Miss Alice Silk?

A.  I require a courtesy call on the day, at 10am, unless we agree to something else beforehand.
Make sure you have pen and paper at hand to take down the directions.

Q.  When will I receive the address of your premises Miss Alice Silk?

A.  I ask you to wait at a local landmark and call me from there. I check you are there, before giving you directions.

Q.  I may be a bit early/late for my visit, is that OK Miss Alice Silk?

A.  Early arrival is not acceptable. I may still be preparing for our session. Under these circumstances walk around the block or make your way to a nearby coffee shop and ‘kill time’ there. If due to unavoidable circumstances you anticipate being late please let me know asap, by phone in this instance. I appreciate knowing where I stand.

Q.  Miss Alice Silk, I have a specific item of clothing I would like to wear when I visit your premises, or have a specific item of clothing I would like you to wear. I do not see it on your website. Can you get it for me?

A.  If the item of clothing is for you, and feel others may like it as well, I will purchase it. You need to give me notice so it arrives in time for your appointment.  If it's for me to wear, and I like it, I will buy it.

Q.  How clean is clean for you Miss Alice Silk. What sort of personal hygiene will live up to your standards?

A.  As a very clean person, I require the same from you in return. Shower, brush your teeth and wear fresh clothes on the day of your appointment. You may be coming from work so please keep in mind you are welcome to have a shower at my premises before we begin. Thank you. 

Q.  Do you have any preparation requirements for anticipated anal play?

A.  Yes. You need to empty your bowel before visiting, that same day. Thank you.

Q.  Am I safe at your premises in regard to sterilization and cleanliness?

A.  I sterilize my equipment myself, my maid does not do this. That way I00% guarantee items are cleaned to my standards. I am touching them as well, not just you!  Also use condoms on all dildos, vibrators etc. Enemas come in disposable packs. Go through so many detol wipes and disposable gloves I should take shares out in these companies! Massage table and all furniture used wiped down after each session. No rest for the wicked;) In my 11+ years sessioning, have never fallen ill due to lax hygiene standards. Neither has my maid.

Q.  I have developed and/or am developing a cold, it's not serious.  Can I still come for my appointment?

A.  No. I don't session with people who are sneezing, blowing their nose etc.  Let me know asap as we can reschedule under these circumstances.

Q.  Are you able to be very firm with me, as I am a very wayward and like to test how far I can go?

A.  As long as this is part of our role-play and we have agreed to this beforehand. I do not put up with nonsense out of session (or in session for that matter). Don't bother to waste your time.

Q.  I prefer to not use a safe word Miss Alice Silk, is that OK?

A.  No, ethically I have to give you a safe word, especially if I do not know you. Naturally, you can forget all about your safe word if you prefer to, but you will get one.

Q.  Are there any hidden charges?

A.  No, you will be quoted a tribute that is inclusive of all activities undertaken.

Q.  Will I bump into other visitors if I visit you Miss Alice Silk?

A.  No, I only session once a day and do not provide a 'dial-a-domme' service, nor do I run a production line. I take pride in my work and need to recharge my batteries after each session. 

Q.  Can other men join us in session, I have bisexual fantasies (or can my wife come along as well)?

A.  I only session with one person at a time.

Q.  Are other people on the premises Miss Alice Silk?

A.  Yes, I have a lady's maid. She is a biological female in her late 70s. You may hear her occasionally, if she goes into the kitchette to make a cup of tea etc, but you will not meet her unless you are an exhibitionist :) She stays unobtrusively in the background. Her duties are to help keep my premises spick and span and be a background presence when sessioning. I am never alone.

Q.  I have never visited an dominant woman before and am very nervous, is that OK?

A.  This is understandable. During our pre session chat you will most likely become more relaxed. Please remember there is nothing you could say that would shock me.

Q.  Miss Alice Silk, what can I do to make a favourable first impression on you?

A.  Turn up on time, clean, with the correct tribute in cash. A positive mindset is also helpful.

Q.  Can I touch you Miss Alice Silk?

A.  I am not to be touched, unless I give you permission. You will not touch yourself, unless I give you my permission.

Q.  Will you leave me all by myself in your play space Miss Alice Silk?

A.  Never, unless I have to for example go and get some water or use the toilet. Other than that you have my undivided attention.

Q.  Miss Alice Silk, will your mobile phone remain on when we are together?

A.  I don't take calls when I session from prospective clients. If I am expecting an emergency call I let you know this before we begin. This only happens about once a year :) In the similar vein delivery men have a mind of their own and I am not always able to get an exact delivery slot that does not clash with client sessions. In this instance my maid or I attend to it. 

Q.  Miss Alice Silk, can I have sex with you?

A.  No. I do not offer sexual contact other than basic body worship, under my instruction, and a "happy ending" (hand job) for the deserving ;)

Q.  Are there other activities, besides your no sex rule, that you will not get involved with?

A.  Nothing illegal. So no breaking of skin, no bleeding (such as in corporal punishment). No needles or blood play. No hard sports (poo). No branding. No piggy bank fantasies. No hotel visits with people who have not sessioned with me before. No smoking scenarios.

Q.  Can I bring my stash of sissy clothes/cross-dressing gear with me and if so, will you keep them for me?

A.  Yes, you can bring items that you have to your session. Please make sure they are clean and/or sterile. I will keep them for no fee if I can use them in other sessions. If you want them kept exclusively for you, there is a small donation to one of my favorite charities.

Q.  Will you kick me out straight away after we finish our session?

A.  No, you are welcome to have a hot shower and something to drink before leaving. You are also welcome to email later and leave feedback if you feel so inclined.

Q.  Can you take photos of me during my session?

A.  Yes. With photos for your own private use, best for me to use your mobile or camera.  If I have permission to use the images I then normally take them with my camera and send you a copy. Adhere to your privacy concerns in this instance. If head shots are permitted that's all good and well, but am more than happy to take images with your facial features distorted or your head cut off! Always show you the images before they are published, to get final consent from you. It is VERY important to me that you feel comfortable with whatever level of exposure you give permission for.

Q.  Can we have dinner?

A.  My 'outside' tribute is half what my regular session tribute is.

Q.  I have a question that has not been answered here, what shall I do?

A.  Email it though to me. No novels please.

Q.  I would like to give you a token gift to show my appreciation, what would you like Miss Alice Silk?

A.  This is not necessary but over the years visitors have brought me presents from time to time. Dark chocolate, nuts, potted orchids. No alcohol. Thank you.

Q.  Did you have another name and site Miss Alice Silk?

A.  I have a sister site called Nanny Alice that is active as of now. It can be found here. Some say she looks like my twin, some say not;)

Miss Alice Silk london uk cross-dresser sissy