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Miss Alice Silk sissy and cross-dressing massage, a treat for the deserving ;)

Erotic sensual hot oil and/or dry talc massage with a happy ending.
Massage (including the Lingam & Sacred Spot Massage) is an 
'all-over' massage, that is both erotic, sensual, relaxing and releasing.

'All-over' massage can help extend sexual pleasure. The world ‘out there’ disappears. Your problems don’t seem so pressing and/or ease into the background. This type of massage has been described as a pathway to sexual ecstasy.  All of your body is given attention and care.

There will be special focus on your genital (*lingam), **prostate (inner and outer), and other general anal areas, including stop-on if requested. A skilfull application of both focused massage techniques, equipment, toys, visualisations, including breathing, will help to intensify your receptivity.

An erotic massage session leads to a 'happy ending', for its ability to deliver not only ultimate relaxation, but also deep sexual pleasure.

I have a state of the art massage table with bolsters, extra length extensions, adjustable head rests etc.

I N C L U D I N G    S P E C I A L I S T    T O Y S

a)  Venus 2000 – State-of-the-art milking machine from America. Very helpful in regard to erectile dysfunction.

b) Hitachi – The most powerful ‘all-over body’ vibrator on the market. Cannot be bought in the UK anymore. Anal Attachments included.

c) Cobra Libra – The ultimate German penis massager.

Other add-ons are tie& tease, sensation play and/or BDSM Electro play (with the ET-312 for those who eroticise pain) to compliment our time together.

L I N G A M 

A Sanskrit word, referred to as ‘wand of light’ or ‘magic wand’. Simply put, 'penis' in English.

Various tantric techniques and movements are used to stimulate the genital areas. This can involve the inner thighs and buttocks. A combination of different strokes, starting off very lightly, increasing in pressure, then followed by more intense motions. This will send waves of pleasure through your body.

Deep breathing techniques and visualizations can also be incorporated.

T HE   P L E A S U R E S    O F    P R O S T A T E    M A S S A G E

1) Ejaculation Reflex Sensation- The prostate can never be touched directly. Indirectly it can be accessed via the rectal wall, with a membrane dividing them. This membrane is a bit like the thickness and flexibility of a latex glove. The lobes of the prostrate, under these circumstances, are highly sensitive to pressure with a selection of sensations produced by pressing, rubbing and/or stroking the gland through the rectal wall. At its ultimate these feelings touch on the sensation which occurs during ejaculation, as the prostate gland starts pumping up sperm.

2) Anal Sensitivity- Along with your penis, balls, and surrounding area, the anus is connected to and crisscrossed with millions of sensitive nerve endings, which can induce very pleasurable feelings.

3) Hidden Penis- Surprisingly, at least one third of your penis is buried inside your body. With some men it is a little more, with others a little less. It is at the base of this penis, the part that is hidden, which may be manipulated in the same manner as the prostate. The effect this can have, of stimulating all three, if done at the same time as genital stimulation, is out of this world. There is just not the physiological effects, but also the psychological aspect in regards to a G-Spot massage to experience.

4) Psychological High- The physiological stimulation is nothing compared to greater psychological and/or mental elation. The act of my visitor placing himself into such a submissive, vulnerable position, induces a powerful mental high, for both him and I. A man who may be ‘in charge out there, in the world’ is able to grant himself a vulnerable, in some cases new role… now as a submissive. This is something I am still emotionally touched by, the trust my visitor places in me.

I N C L U D I N G   A N A L

Anal play is a very popular activity that has captured the imagination and curiosity of men, from all different sexual persuasions. Anal sex involves I, Miss Alice Silk, penetrating you intimately. This is one of the more intimate activities where you are able to take on a more passive role.

It seems from my experience that most men are curious and secretly fantasize about this experience. Some may never act upon the desire for fear of homosexual implications but when it is explained that ALL men have the anal anatomy to enjoy anal sex inhibitions can melt away.

A good many items can be at my disposal when engaging in anal play. First and foremost, my gloved finger to ‘test the waters’. Then, there are a selection of insertable dildos. These dildos may be phallic or spike shapes, static or vibrating.

Smaller, thinner dildos with a shorter diameter are first used, for the warming up process and for me to assess your size. Then I would slowly move to larger sized dildos.

I am confident that no visitor has left in pain. There is an art to anal play. Lots of high quality sterile water based lubricant is used throughout the whole process.

Douching is preferably engaged in BEFORE anal play as all visitors to my chamber need to be spotlessly clean. The rectum is cleaned by anal douching. A full enema is not recommended for strap-on play since a more copious amount of liquid may yield undesirable results! A light enema can be considered. The objective is to cleanse the rectum, but not the colon!


A ‘Sacred Spot Massage’ (external prostate massage) can also be included with your Lingam massage. This is accessed outwardly and will appeal to all men, but especially those who do not like to receive contact with the prostrate internally, via the anus.

A Lingam massage, combined with the Sacred Spot (prostate) massage, helps to improve and control a man’s sexual energy. It is highly recommended for men who have premature ejaculation and/or erectile dysfunction.

A massage combined with a Lingam and Sacred Spot massage is referred to as a 'happy ending' massage. This is because of its ability to deliver relaxation and deep sexual pleasure in one package.

“You are unique. I will ensure your erotic massage experience is tailor-made to suit your presenting requirements”.

There will be a pre-session chat to recap activities agreed upon for your massage and health issues before starting.

There is an opportunity to have a hot shower, relaxing you muscles before and/or after your session, as well as refreshments before leaving.

PLEASE NOTE – A lady's maid is always in attendance and on the premises. She is unobtrusive unless requested to be otherwise.