GDPR Compliance Statement. 17 February 2020

GDPR Compliance Statement. 17 February 2020

Your data.

When processing data I undertake to do the following:

The processing is lawful, fair and transparent.

Transparent about what the data is being used for.

Data is collected for a specific purpose.

The data is necessary for the purpose.

The data must be accurate and kept up to date.

Data is not kept for longer than you feel necessary.

The data is kept safe and secure.


What data I collect:

By the fact that you fill out my "contact form" you provide me with your email address to contact you back on.

When you contact me, by "contact form", mail and/or telephone I ask for a 'stage name', you do not need to give me your real name.

You can request I delete your "contact form" details at any point, either by email and/or telephone, given in response, by me, to your submitting the "contact form" details. 

By the fact that you do call me you give me your telephone number (Caller Line Identity).  I do not store your telephone number or make a copy of it.

Age verification is done by first sight at meeting you. **Should I feel that you are under the age of 21 I will ask for sight of identification. Such as a drivers license. I do not take a physical copy of any ID that I see.


Viewing your ID document(s):

I do not take copies of ID (see above**)


Why do I collect this data:

I read the information you provide in the "contact form" to ascertain if I am the right person to facilitate your request, potential visit to see me.

By filling in my "contact form" and submitting it to me, you're giving explicit consent for me to email you back. 

You can request I remove your details at any time, via email and/or by calling my number (given in response, by me, to your submitting the "contact form" details).


Who sees this data: 

Only Me, 'Miss Alice Silk'.


Is there any third party use of your data:

No. I do not share data/sell data to other third parties. As I do not share data, it is never transfered outside of the EU.

I will share data only in circumstances where I am legally required to do so.


Website Cookies:

My website does NOT collect or store cookie information.

There is a "contact form", with boxes to fill out/tick, on my website. I will respond to your submitted details with my email address and my phone number. You can ask me to remove your details, by email and/or phone at any time. 


Contact from Me to you:

I only contact you by email. I do not contact you by telephone or such services such as whatsapp, microsoft messenger etc. 


Contact from you to me:

You can contact me by use of email and telephone. 

You can contact me via my "contact form". Here you're giving explicit consent for me to email you back. 

You can request I remove your details at any time, via email and/or by calling my telephone number (given in response to your submitting the "contact form").

Once your 'conversation' over the phone with me has 'naturally' terminated I delete such 'conversations' as a matter of course.


Will my personal data be secure and where can I file a request to access, rectify or remove my data?

My Contact mobile phone is password protected. It is never left un-attended. 

In my initial email response to your "contact form" information, a copy of your filled out details is sent back you, under my response. 

Following your submission of my online "contact form", you can request rectification or removal of your data by calling me using the telephone number I provide you with, and/or emailing me.


Any privacy policy updates will be clearly stated on this page one month before going into effect.

Date this Policy was last reviewed. (Last Review 8th May 2021).